Double major

The unique blend of the Engineering Studies bachelor of arts degree requirements lends itself to a double major for students who may consider it a competitive advantage. Combining engineering foundational courses with more courses in the liberal arts than a bachelor of science degree in engineering, the program enables students to pursue a second field of study with the addition of a few extra courses. Common double majors include art, economics, environmental science and studies, government & law, and international affairs. Students have also double majored  in psychology, English, German, film and media studies, geology, physics, Asian studies, and anthropology and sociology.

Learn why students have chosen to double major in things like engineering studies and English and engineering studies and film and media studies.

The Havens Award

The Havens Award is designed to provide non-traditional summer learning experiences for engineering students. These are opportunities for education and personal development other than those provided in traditional coursework during a regular academic year, or summer program. A non-traditional learning experience is also one that is not available at Lafayette College, and would not be possible without the support of the Havens Award. Learn more about the Havens Award.

Grand Challenges

The National Academy of Engineering (NAE) has compiled a list of 14 “Grand Challenges” that must be addressed in order to achieve a sustainable, economically robust, and politically stable future. Lafayette offers all students, both engineering and liberal arts, the opportunity to engage in the pursuit of solutions to the Grand Challenges at two levels of interest. Learn more about the Grand Challenges.

Community Involvement

Lafayette provides various opportunities to get involved in the local community. Visit the Landis Center for Community Engagement to learn more.