Courses and Curriculum

The Engineering Studies Program at Lafayette educates students to develop engineering habits of mind. In addition to the major, the Program offers a variety of courses to all students on campus. Visit the Course Catalog for the official course description and listing.

The Major

Within the major, students choose a combination of electives from within and outside of the engineering division to develop their individual interests and expertise. The major consists of 16 courses distributed among foundation, core, and elective courses.



  • EGRS 251 (Introduction to Engineering and Public Policy)
  • EGRS 261  (Engineering Economics and Management)
  • EGRS 451 (Engineering and Society)


Two Engineering Systems courses, selected from the following:

  • ES 226 (Statics)
  • ES 230 (Strength of Materials)
  • ES 241 (Basic Electrical Circuits for Engineers)
  • CE 251 (Fluid Mechanics)
  • ChE 211 (Material and Energy Balances)
  • ChE 222 (Thermodynamics)
  • ECE 211 (Digital Circuits I)
  • ME 240 (Dynamics)
  • ME 350 (Introduction to Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer)
  • ME 362 (Fluid Mechanics)

One 200-level engineering course from any engineering department

Three engineering courses at the 300 or 400 level, at least one of which and no more than two must be selected from:

One math course numbered 186 or higher
One lab science course
One course chosen from:

  • Math 186 or higher
  • Lab science
  • Computer science
  • Computational methods

Beyond the Major

Engineering Studies courses appeal to students from all majors who are interested in how science and engineering affect society and vice versa. The program offers a wide range of courses related to these themes and open to all students, including:

EGRS 251: Introduction to Engineering and Public Policy
EGRS 255: Introduction to Geographical and Information Systems
EGRS 261: Engineering Economics and Management
EGRS 271: Introduction to Architectural Engineering
EGRS 325: Sustainable Environmental Management
EGRS 352: Energy Technology and the Modern World
EGRS 373: Technology and Nature
EGRS 382: Engineering and Policy Internship
EGRS 390/391: Independent Study
EGRS 450: Engineering Management
EGRS 452: Applied Systems Analysis for Engineering Policy and Management
EGRS 462: Management of Technology and Innovation
EGRS 480: Sustainable Solutions

Special Study Abroad Opportunity

Junior Year at Oxford:

Engineering Studies majors with an excellent academic record have the opportunity to spend their junior year abroad at Oxford. Applications are made at the end of fall semester sophomore year. Contact your adviser if interested.

Sponsored Project

Economic Empowerment & Global Learning:

Working with partners in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans to rebuild the area as a sustainable community, including designing a green lifestyle center. Learn more about EEGLP


Kristen Sanford Bernhardt, Ph.D.
Chair, Engineering Studies
(610) 330-5584